Behind the Scenes

For everything that worked out well, there was a lot that I had to scrap and start over. Most of the time it was fun, but there were a couple times it did not work out.

The sound system I created because Disneyland’s music makes it feel so alive. It wasn’t the same to just play music in the background. It needed to come from Disneyland itself. So in the Candy Palace on Main Street I added this sound system. I had to wire it and then place the speakers so it looked and sounded like I felt it did at Disneyland.

Like I said above, there were a few parts that didn’t work out as planned. The Matterhorn was the biggest one – literally and figuratively. I used cardboard and paper as well as aluminum foil. I did have to purchase more as my parents were not thrilled when all the foil was gone. My plan was to create a working “roller coaster” and I invested in a small scale plastic roller coaster kit. Unfortunately, I realized this creation was much larger than I planned on and needed to be simultaneously created while building the roller coaster. I tried to unbuild and rebuild it but it became too entangled and I couldn’t save a lot of it as I deconstructed it. Finally it became too big a cost and I couldn’t continue it. I had planned to try to redesign it and try to rebuild it but then Covid ended and my parents wanted their garage back so I had to stop. I still hope someday to finish this creation.

I’m asked quite a bit how I created this. I have always seen crafts in “trash” – Oatmeal containers, cardboard from Costco and everything else. I love Plaster of Paris. We had a box from a school project and I used that to get started. Pretty soon all my money was going to Plaster of Paris for this project. But it was so worth it!